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4 Embedded Software Capabilities for the Consumer Industry


As more and more businesses realize the potential of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises endless opportunities for companies that develop consumer products around the globe. According to BI Intelligence the number of everyday and enterprise devices that will soon be connected to the Internet will reach 9 billion by 2018. McKinsey Global Institute estimates the potential economic impact of the IoT to be $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion per year by 2025.

The Consumer market is already on the wave with increasing adoption, offering a wide range of uses and applications. The main attraction offered by the IoT concept to consumer industry manufacturers is the ability to create new business models that increase added value to their products. IoT allows these companies to empower their business and gain competitive advantages.

Embedded software is the key enabler of IoT and is critical to assure the security of different systems related to consumer products. Many companies that want to take their products to the next level contract out their embedded software development or hire the necessary number of software engineers to do it completely in-house. But many of these companies don’t have in-house access to the needed engineering talent pool. For these companies the easiest solution is to outsource the embedded software development for their product to an external partner.

What should you look for when outsourcing the embedded software development of your product?

Look for industry leaders that are continuously involved with the latest technologies, and have the maturity to sustain durable innovation. These partners should have a comprehensive perspective on specific Consumer-projects and should provide support throughout every phase of the development process, from market research to deployment.

Look for a trusted partner. Analyse different companies clients portfolio and look for those that enjoy international recognition from your business area. We’ve experienced many years of successful collaborations with global market players in the industry.

Mature innovation. Clients expect both novelty and reliability from the products they purchase. Your embedded partner should blend broad experience and creativity, and offer mature, stable solutions that discern through innovation.

All-around expertise. Your embedded software provider should have a broad understanding of today’s hardware components. Thus, it can allow you to provide the most efficient mix of technologies for every embedded software project.

Industry-specific insight. Make sure that the potential partner has proved experience in your business area. A partner that has experience in what your project needs will deliver software that meets your expectations most efficiently and will help you meet industry specific regulations.

The accelerating rate of technological change for IoT requires rapid market responsiveness to maintain a competitive edge. Read more on how the right partner for your next embedded software development project can help you meet your business objectives, visit Enea website.

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