Here at Enea Services, we help Fresh Graduates find which technologies suits them best. If you are a dynamic person and want to do more during university time, then our internships may be what you are looking for. Our professionals have all the skills needed to help you learn and improve not only your knowledge but also your resume. Even if it starts as a tournament of sorts, there is no such thing as a single winner. Our goal is to hire after the final test as many interns as we can.

If you are an awesome student looking for a place where you can practice all those theories from school, try the Enea Sevices experience! Our engineers create amazing software embedded in products you use in everyday life. For 3 months, you get to be part of a multinational environment where you can reveal your true potential.


July – September 2015

What do you have to do?

Step 1: Send your resume at by 22.03.15

Step 2: The HR department will schedule an interview by 31.03.15

Step 3: Come and meet our teams between the 1st and 3rd of April

Step 4: Homework – you will receive from us several tech challenges, you can choose one and sent it to us by 17.04.15

Step 5: Get the results for the homework by 24.04.15

Still not convinced? Take a look at their experiences bellow: