Our Values

At Enea we share the same values, we embrace the same beliefs.

Why Enea?

Because we build successful stories!
Take a few minutes to discover our work and you will better understand who we are:

We are team players

A team player puts company objectives first. A strong team player is delivering his/her share and always strive to contribute to the overall result.

We focus on customer success

To succeed our decisions must lead to the success of our customers. We focus our resources on a select number of customers to deliver world class solutions.

We innovate for business reasons

Creativity is adding value when it solves real customer challenges and creates new business opportunities.

We provide trusted leadership

We strive to be global leaders in everything we do. Leadership is about taking full responsibility and delivering on your promises.

We bring passion and fun

No great achievements have been accomplished without passion. The best way to achieve passion is to have fun.