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Criteria for Choosing an Embedded Software Partner for your Medical Devices


Outsourcing helps medical device manufacturers reduce costs, focus on core competencies, and ensure growth and flexibility.

A recent study from the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry publication found that 30% of medical device companies think outsourcing is essential. 62% of respondents concurred that contract services can save cost and time in certain situations, while 29% find them essential to reducing costs and time to market. An overwhelming majority of respondents further reported that their firms opted to outsource at least some projects.

Outsourcing software development is a good way to accelerate product development and bring products faster to the market. Choosing the right embedded software partner is not an easy task. Understanding final users’ behavior, technology needs or the software’s maturity needs, and how these factors interact are essential for choosing the right embedded provider. Before embarking on an embedded device outsourced project there are some things medical device manufacturers should consider when they choose their partner:

Technology Background Fit

Make sure that the potential partner has completed embedded software projects that match your needs. Have a comprehensive discussion about the design and code review process, experience with issue tracking and fixing, formal unit and integration testing experience, and verification testing experience. A partner that has experience in what your project needs will deliver software that meets your expectations most efficiently.

Quality and maturity expectations

Beyond solid references, the embedded software provider should prove it can satisfy the specific needs of medical devices and the development rules and regulations that must be followed within this industry. When choosing an embedded software provider you must also be sure that all information will be secured and protected.

Management and business models

It is a very important aspect in today’s fast changing business environment. Find out which business models the embedded software provider can offer and if there is at least one model that matches your project requirements and management style. Also you should know if there is the possibility of pilot project, team resizing and technology change. Communication is also extremely important for your embedded projects. Find out the ways on how the embedded software provider’s specialists can communicate with your team.

The accelerating rate of technological change for medical products requires rapid market responsiveness to maintain a competitive edge. Read more on how the right partner for your next embedded software development project can help you meet your business objectives, visit Enea website.

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