Knowledge that Spans across Business Sectors

Embedded software experience and creativity that brings innovative solutions for a wide range of industries

Our services are helping customers from a wide range of industries to surpass market necessities for any new product introduction. We are here not only to deliver the best technical solutions, but also to provide collaborative relationships with our partners and to diminish their new product introduction costs.

Enea ongoing involvement with global players in the Financial, Telecom, Consumer, Medical and Avionics sectors allows for durable, mature innovation. Moreover, Enea experience and creativity are valuable assets for providing innovative solutions to many other industries.

The services we offer to our customers extend from testing and upgrading to business solutions development. Our specialists background knowledge offers a comprehensive perspective for every phase of an embedded software development project.

Medical Medical

Enea embedded software in
clinics around the world

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Consumer Consumer

Large scaled embedded portfolio

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Financial Financial

Enea’s embedded software is utilized in daily
operations around the globe

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Avionics Avionics

Internationally acknowledged
embedded software

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Telecom Telecom

Billions of users everywhere interact with
Enea embedded software every day

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