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Innovation for Telco’s future is Powered by Embedded Software


Connectivity through mobile telecommunications devices is now mandatory in the business environment around the globe. In this context, telecommunications networks and smart device producers are in a continuous competition, trying to be the first to market. Developers of mobile telecommunications products and network providers are daily challenged to find new ways to develop their products and services faster, more cost-effectively and at a higher level of quality.

The Telco Industry Needs Cost-Effective Innovation to Win Market share

To improve profit margins, Telco networks and intelligent device manufacturers need to differentiate their products and services while reducing costs, assuring quality and delivering product excellence. More than ever, embedded software has a leading role in the go to market strategies of Telco’s industry players who want to increase revenue and profitability. The flexibility of embedded software allows them to faster bring new products to market while streamlining manufacturing process.

The Telco sector needs expert knowledge to accurately predict future trends and offer reliable solutions. Moreover, it needs embedded software partners with hands-on experience in both emerging and established programming languages and methodologies, who also understand the industry they serve. Embedded software providers can bring some advantages to companies activating in the Telco industry, such as:

  • Faster product development through features that can be added more quickly through software than hardware;
  • Significant cost savings at final cost of implementation processes;
  • Access to experienced resources and know-how;
  • Qualified testing methodologies, addressing quality and speed in a way that is precisely aligned with the business needs.

It’s time for Telco networks and intelligent devices manufacturers to work smarter and reach product and service quality goals without losing their market shares. Check out our telecom case studies to get a more detailed understanding of how embedded software providers can support the telecommunications industry.

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