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Professional Staffing in Embedded Software Testing


Innovation is needed more than ever before. The accelerating rate of technological change for all kind of products requires rapid market responsiveness to maintain a competitive edge. The modern embedded systems create new opportunities to approach this challenge and companies realize more and more that they need highly competent human resources to make their products market leaders. Bringing external staff for testing the software of new embedded systems is a good way to bring products faster to the market.

Performing rigorous testing, verification and validation of real-time software

Most times, the degree of testing required depends upon the application, criticality, and development processes used. Companies that provide professional staffing solutions include a combination of testing coupled with the latest verification and validation techniques. At the same time, these companies are focused on providing their clients with cost-effective test processes with the highest productivity.

Moreover, external testing brings another important benefit – Objectivity. Professional staffing providers for embedded software testing are an independent, objective and more productive solution for new software and hardware projects.

Key aspects of professional staffing for embedded software testing should include:

  • Requirements-to-test traceability
  • Requirements testability analysis
  • Unit/Module testing
  • Requirements validation
  • Structural coverage testing(including MCDC)
  • Test automation
  • Simulation
  • Software integration testing
  • Software/hardware/systems testing
  • Software failure analysis
  • Custom and off-the-shelf automated test environments
  • Test tools and repeatable testing
  • Test plans, procedures, and reports, including automated analysis

Proper software verification and validation activities must occur at every level of the software development life cycle and should demonstrate that all software requirements have been implemented properly and correctly. To read more on how the right partner for your next embedded software development project can help you meet your business objectives, visit Enea website. Enea adds-up to more than 300 IT professionals. Our recruitment proficiency has been validated with large-scale collaborations around the world.

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