Enea Linux Services

Enea Linux Services

Zero acquisistion cost, ubiquotous source code availability, and immense feature growth make Linux the most deployed OS in embedded systems. However, keeping up with this fast paced evolution represents a significant risk in getting an embedded solution to market. The support from a trusted partner with a mature embedded Linux platform reduces time-to-market and mitigates business risks.

Enea offers several Linux related services, ranging from board development, customizations, and training, to development, support and maintenance.


Find out how Enea can advance your Linux efforts with its packaged services!


Enea Linux experts can build specific Board Support Packages (BSP) for your custom hardware platforms. Getting Linux up and running as fast as possible is essential for success.
Apart from updates and regular releases, Enea experts provide qualified technical support including bug fixes, security patches, functionality backport, legacy kernel support, open source licensing management, etc. Furthermore, Enea acts as customers' spokesperson towards the open source community (upstream patches, hold discussions, etc.).
Our team of experts can help you customize Linux for either constrained or purposely optimized embedded systems. Enea Linux can be customized with the set of packages (and specific versions) that your application requires, and tuned for performance improvements (e.g. throughput/latency) or footprint restrictions.
By using Enea Development Cloud there is no need to invest in infrastructure. Enea will actively maintain a state-of-the-art build system for your Linux with secure remote access. This enables immediate start of the development phase. The Development Cloud is a fully supported and maintained SaaS from Enea.
Enea is a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner that has been training professionals for over 3 decades. Enea's training portfolio includes relevant courses for engineers that cover from Linux internals and real-time performance to application development. All courses can be provided in our offices worldwide or at the customer's premises.