Enea NFV Lab

Enea NFV Lab

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has fundamentally redefined how network infrastructure is architected and how services are deployed. Development requires access to modern hardware, and far from trivial integration and configuration of software platform components.

Enea NFV Lab provides a rich set of NFV-ready ARM-based hardware, supported by experienced engineers that can help you assemble an infrastructure configuration that enables real-world VNF deployments, or even build fully-fledged carrier-grade NFV platforms.

Enea offers services around OPNFV deployments, plus prototyping, developing, testing, and porting virtual network functions in a state-of-the-art hardware laboratory.


Discover all the services you can enjoy in the Enea NFV Lab!


Enea NFV experts can help you build complete OPNFV platforms. Choose the compute and control nodes (NFVI and VIM) where you want to run the platform, and the corresponding Operating Systems (different Linux distributions are available). Then pick the desired OPNFV release, deployment method, and our experts will install and support it for you during an agreed period of time.
This service allows customers to concentrate on VNFs, whether it is for development, validation or porting. Enea experts can build the required virtual container for our network function based on various Linux distributions. If predictable performance is of your concern, the selection of Enea Linux 5 CGL as VNF OS allows for advanced customizations such as different tuning and kernel configurations (e.g. scheduling types, RT patch, specific boot time, etc.), custom sets of packages and compact footprints. Other additions such as management functionality (NETCONF/SNMP VNF agents) or Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) certification can also be provided.
The NFV lab services offering extends to software services that provide customers with a cost effective group of experts to prototype, develop, test or port a wide range of VNFs.
Enea is a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner that has been training professionals for over 3 decades. Enea's training portfolio includes relevant courses for engineers that cover from OPNFV to Linux performance and real-time. All courses can be provided in our offices worldwide as well as at the customers' premises.