Enea OpenFastPath Services

Enea OpenFastPath Services

The exponential growth in data traffic puts ever increasing demands on the packet processing elements in the network. Software projects like OpenDataPlane (ODP) and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) do not include functionality such as IP forwarding or IPsec, why an additional piece of technology is needed – an open, high performance, fast path IP stack.

OpenFastPath (OFP) is a cross-platform TCP/IP stack which dramatically increases the IP forwarding performance, compared to the Linux TCP/IP stack, with perfect scalability across processor cores.

Enea offers services around integration, hardware porting and optimization, feature development, and production test, maintenance and support.


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Integration of OFP on customer's specific hardware and software system. Might include replacing existing proprietary data plane APIs with ODP or creating a packet processing partition using ODP or DPDK; customized application API's and communication with the control plane; and customizations to support special hardware configurations.
Test and verification of silicon vendor ODP implementation together with OFP. Optimization for a specific hardware, which optionally includes implementing support for vendor specific SDK API's and HW accelerators.
Pre-study, specification and implementation of new features and protocols within OFP. Additions can be made to a customer specific OFP branch or to the OFP mainline.
Test and validation, release management, maintenance and backport of specific features, from mainline to a customer specific branch.