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Why Outsource Embedded Software Development for Medical Devices


According to a recent survey by Global Industry Analysts, Inc, medical device outsourcing is projected to reach $44.7 billion by 2017. Two classic motivations driving this trend are cost reduction and faster time to market. Here are the most important reasons medical device manufacturers could also consider outsourcing the embedded software development for their products:

Reduce the development time and increase speed-to-market

To stay ahead of the competition, medical device manufacturers need to develop their products faster. As new features can be added easier and faster to software then to hardware, this is when most of the medical device manufacturers realize they may not have available embedded software developers that could handle the work. Embedded software companies provide medical device manufacturers with a wide pool of trained specialists with particular expertise needed for specific projects.

Cut down development costs and ensure maximum quality

In-house embedded software developers recruitment require medical device manufacturers to spend time finding the right specialists and to spend money on payroll taxes, vacation and sick time, health insurances, just to name a few of the costs associated with full time employees. In many situation it could be more cost effective for medical device manufacturers to hire an embedded software provider on a temporary basis to complete a specific project. Choosing to outsource embedded software development projects, medical device manufacturers get the chance to work with senior, experienced, experts for their projects. Working with seniors is extremely important for manufacturers that can’t afford to miss deadlines, get faulty and buggy software, and decrease customer satisfaction.

Focus efforts solely on core competencies and increase competitive advantages

In today’s world, specialization is the key in winning the competition with other medical device manufacturers. Rather than trying to create an entire in-house embedded development department with many engineers specialized In specific areas or technologies, medical device manufacturers could leave this part of their business on the hands of an external partner. Thus they could focus on their core competencies and concentrate their financial efforts on innovation rather then investing large amounts of money to specialize a team in areas that are not the main competitive advantage of the company.

It’s time for medical manufacturers to partner with skillful, experienced embedded software providers, able to provide them qualified embedded developers suited for their needs, for just the time they need them. To read more on how the right partner for your next embedded software development project can help you meet your business objectives, visit Enea website.

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